Corporate design

150th anniversary poster competition of DFDS, a big european shipping and logistics company.

Logo and label competition of Taali Mesila, an estonian company that produces and sells honey.
Supervisor: Janika Nõmmela.

Company branding design for Anne Foto.
Supervisor: Andrus Peegel.

A big team project for estonian police department. Theme - corruption as rust of society.
My part was to design main visual and brochures.
Supervisor: Janika Nõmmela.

Set of advertisement rolls for Aspecta pro OÜ, a company selling glasses and lenses. Each roll needed to represent a specific lens type.

Part of a branding team project for Ökokuller, a tourism company working in Lahemaa, Estonia.
Logo design: Andrei Kupjanski, Kristine Laurits.
Supervisor: Deniss Jershov.

Brochure for Tartu Adventure park.
Supervisor: Deniss Jershov.

Logo for Ala Rio, owner of LashMe, a company specializing in makeup.

Single works that did not require own gallery section.